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It is the increase in the viscosity of the blood, which contribute to the coagulation of substances contained there in, which include blood lipids, lipoproteins, cholesterol, triglycerides and fats. When these substances coagulate and from clots, they become thrombus. Conforer proudly presents LISSE LIFE, the natural enemy of thrombus which is an extra strong formulation for dissolving thrombus. Apart from containing active 5000FU of Nato Enzyme for dissolving thrombus, it also contains many precious herbs for activating the blood and dissolving blood clots, clearing the meridian, strengthening capillaries and improve metabolism of blood lipids and cholesterol. It not only strengthens the dissolving of thrombus but most important of all, it is able to reduce chances of contracting various ailments of the blood and vascular system including hypertension, heart diseases and acute stroke.
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